Wedding Planning Services

Planning a wedding is an exciting but stressful thing.
However early you start your preparations,it seems like there is always something left to tick off the list,more phone calls to make.
And that is all before you even get to the one million and one minor “emergencies” that rock before your big day

We are a wedding planning agency with a difference.
We work with brides-to-be, at whatever stage they are with their wedding preparations to make their wedding one to remember.Whether you have just got engaged,have been planning for awhile,or just need us to take care of one task,we are there for you.

We are a wedding planning agency based in Dublin and help brides all over Ireland plan their weddings.

We shall take some of the stress away  at whatever stage your wedding preparations are. We shall be the wind beneath your wings (corny we know but that’s our favourite song here at Happy Bride)


We provide a variety of services to cater for how you want to plan your wedding.We can take care of everything from organising the venue,contracting service providers.We can even help with choosing a wedding dress!If you are more of a DIY bride,we can take care of a few tasks from your list so that you can focus on the ones that you enjoy doing.


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  We are a wedding planning agency with a difference.We work with brides-to-be at whatever stage they are to make their wedding day the day they dreamed of. We shall help you plan your wedding.Whatever you need,whenever you need it.No two weddings are the same,no two brides are the same.That’s why we customise our services to suit your needs.  
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The idea of 2 lovers declaring their love for one another and making a commitment to take care of,love and be there for one another for the rest of their lives.

It does not matter whether it is in an old romantic church,a beach in the Bahamas or a the registry.Every wedding is special because of the promises made.